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TDM awards and accreditations:

Ofsted 2022 Outstanding in:

Worcestershire Training Provider of the Year 2022

Birmingham Training Provider of the Year 2022

CompTIA Apprenticeship Rising Star 2022

Tech Industry Gold

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The Development Manager Ltd is a dedicated apprenticeship and training provider with a strong focus on cultivating Tech and Digital skills through Retraining Programs, Skills Bootcamps, Career-Entry Apprenticeships, and BSc (Hons) Degree Apprenticeships. Our expertise spans from Level 2 to Level 6, and we operate across the West Midlands and beyond.

In addition to helping you identify and interview top-notch candidates, we extend our services to current employees as well. Our commitment includes hosting skills workshops and tailored training sessions to enhance the capabilities of your existing workforce. This proactive approach ensures that both new recruits and current staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours necessary to meet and exceed your expectations.

TDM offer practical help when recruiting an Apprentice by:

maintaining working relationships with local educational and job-search organisations across the West Midlands (and beyond for multiple apprentices)

advertising your vacancy and managing applications via the government’s “Find and Apprenticeship” website and also via a wide range of other job application boards

offering a rigorous recruitment filtering service to ensure that you only need to interview the very best applicants

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Companies partner with TDM to attract — and keep — the best talent.

We coach and train employees to achieve and exceed industry led standards at embedded and end-point assessments.

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Skills Bootcamps

Tech, Digital, Coding and Data Pathways to reskill your current workforce and recruit trained apprentices.

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Tech and Digital Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship programmes from Level 3 to Level 6 (Degree) to hire new recruits or upskill exisiting members of staff.

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Digital Skills Bootcamps

Tech, Digital, Coding and Data Pathways to reskill your current workforce and recruit Apprentices, trained to your skills needs.

Why not upskill or reskill the people you already employ? You can use our constructively critical, friendly and formative coaching support to improve your team’s knowledge, skills, professional behaviours and their positive attitudes to work. Many companies are opting to start upskilling or reskilling employees and existing team members by accessing apprenticeships funding.

Skills Bootcamps are funded, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills. Use our Skills Bootcamps to; develop your pipeline of Apprentice recruits and train individuals with the skills and to use technologies you need and soft workplace skills, hire Apprentices who have already been trained by TDM’s Ofsted Outstanding Adult Education or upskill current staff to fully utilise technologies in your organisation.

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Tech and Digital Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships available from beginner through to BSc (Hons Degree).

Cyber Security Technologist

Network Engineer

Data Analyst

Software Developer

Digital Support Technician

Data Technician

Multichannel Marketer

Information Communications Technician

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Employer FAQs

What will an apprentice bring to my business?
How do I recruit an Apprentice?
How much does it cost?
How will this boost local business?

“All of our Software Apprentices are trained brilliantly by TDM. The combination of TDM’s knowledge and skills training and the on-the-job experiences they gain by being in the workplace is an excellent balance to keeping Apprentices engaged.”


"We are highly supportive of Apprenticeships! TDM are a local training provider that continues to support a number of Council employees."

Worcestershire County Council

"Many of our Apprentices over the years have remained and progressed into senior roles within our organisation, becoming highly valued and respected members  of our team."

Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

“TDM are easy to deal with, helpful and always available to offer support and guidance on technical apprenticeships.”


“At Dolphin we know apprenticeships help young people develop the skills and knowledge they need for a rewarding career in IT and we have lots of experience working with TDM to help build our skilled team. TDM have helped us to create apprenticeship roles that include work-based learning while working on projects of value to our business.

We are pleased to be a Disability Confident Employer and we are committed to building a diverse team. TDM always endeavour to provide a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process and apprenticeship programme.”

Dolphin Computer Access

“Apprentices are invaluable assets to Wavenet, bringing fresh enthusiasm and a willingness to learn that revitalises teams and promotes an ethos of continuous improvement. Partnering with TDM for our apprenticeships is incredibly valuable as their expertise and support empower our emerging talent to thrive and contribute effectively to our organisations success.”


“Apprenticeships are key to our organisation’s ability to develop our own people, and entice the next generation into exciting opportunities. We are keen to work with a local training provider like TDM, to help support our role in the community. TDM’s expertise and specialism is exactly the type of thing we look for in an Apprenticeship provider.”

Forest Garden

“Alongside delivering the best possible carbon footprint service for our clients, we see one of our roles as helping to increase the pool of workers who have skills for the green economy. Our apprenticeship programme is at the heart of this ambition, and TDM have been invaluable in helping us to recruit the best people and develop their skills. Just as important, they are really nice people who are easy to work with too.”

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What makes TDM unique?

Our two coach approach

Our learners are assigned a Skills & Knowledge Coach (SKC) who develops their hard, technical skills and knowledge, and a Performance & Development Coach (PDC) who focuses on their soft skills.

Tech and Digital specialists

We specialise in the delivery of Tech and Apprenticeships and training, to support your skills needs and help your organisation to digitally transform.

Local Focus

We operate with a local focus, helping to address the priority skills shortages across the West Midlands, through the use of Government-funded training and Apprenticeships.

Retain, Reskill & Recruit

We support employers to retain staff, reskill them through various Government funded opportunities and recruit new staff members with the use of Skills Bootcamps and Apprenticeships.

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