Skills Bootcamps for the Self Employed

Build up sector-specific skills to help your business grow.

Are you self employed and looking to develop your Tech and Digital skills?

Skills Bootcamps – part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life, can help you gain skills to grow your business.

Receive practical help to develop your Tech, Digital, Developer or Data skills.

A local, low cost alternative to costly courses and programmes. The Development Manager (TDM) coaches offer an Outstanding Quality of Education.

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Bootcamp Description

Skills Bootcamps for the self employed to develop Tech, Digital, Developer or Data skills. Available to individuals aged 19+ in the Wider West Midlands.


Skills Bootcamps are free, flexible 12 week courses.

Skills & Qualifications

Build up sector-specific skills to help your business grow.

Programme Pathways

Tech / Cyber

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Marketing / Multimedia

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Data / AI

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Find the right apprentice for your team

Train Recruits

Use our Skills Bootcamps to develop your pipeline of Apprentice recruits and train individuals with the skills and to use technologies you need and soft workplace skills.

Employers must guarantee an interview for Apprentice recruits.

Hire Apprentices Now

Hire Apprentices who have already been trained by TDM’s Ofsted Outstanding Adult Education via our Skills Bootcamps.

We have candidates across the region who are eager to start their Tech careers with you now, with showcase e-portfolios demonstrating the skills development relevant to organisations.

Upskill Your Team

Upskill current staff to fully utilise technologies in your organisation, and access funding for Skills Bootcamps for staff training rather than pay commercially.



Median Salary (West Midlands)

Software Developer
Cyber Security Analyst
Digital Marketing Manager
Data Analyst
UX / UI Designer

Bootcamp Benefits

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Access TDM’s Local Employer Network

Become Tech / Digital Industry Certified

Develop your Showcase ePortfolio

What does Digital Transformation mean for you?

Digital transformation doesn’t just mean cutting edge technologies, it also means making full use of what is available now, which many organisations are lagging behind with. Critical to the adoption of new technologies is having employees with the skills to effectively use them.

Adopting digital marketing

  • Making sure your organisation has a presence on all relevant online platforms
  • Ensuring your business appears in the top search engine rankings

Moving from spreadsheets to software solutions and databases

  • E.g. adopting a CRM system
  • Cleansing the data ready for a database

Automating data entry

  • E.g. forms capture data and API links transfer data from one system to another, such as from a website to a CRM or database
  • Increase efficiencies, reduce double data entry and inaccuracies

Utilising data

  • Using a reporting system to present critical data to internal and external stakeholders and customers
  • E.g. sales and marketing performance, customer insights, delivery effectiveness

Moving from physical infrastructure to the cloud

  • Reducing the need for onsite hardware
  • Seeking greener credentials as an organisation
  • Reduce the need for physical office space if employees work from home

Making full use of productivity tools and essential software

  • Platforms like Microsoft Teams are powerful tools to help manage workloads and facilitate project management
  • The success or failure of implementing these systems depends on staff engagement

Skills Bootcamps FAQs

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