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Apprentice of the Month - April 2024

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Our Apprentice of the Month Award is an opportunity for the spotlight to shine on one of our current apprentices who has worked hard, accomplished, applied themselves or has achieved something fantastic whilst on programme. This is an opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and their value, not only for the learner but also for the employer and the business they work within. In order to be awarded Apprentice of the Month, learners can be nominated by their TDM coach, other TDM members of staff who have come into contact with the apprentice and also from their mentor, employer or colleagues they work along side.

Our Apprentice of the Month Award for April goes to Yevhen Datsenko, Digital Support Technician Level 3 Apprentice at WLS IT Solutions. Yevhen's nomination came from his coach Sarah.

Apprentice of the Month - April 2024

Yevhen has continued his learning journey from Skills Bootcamp through to his current role at WLS, maintaining a theme of consistently gold-standard effort an achievement throughout. His coach, Sarah had this to say:

"Yevhen has been on an incredible journey of progression with us at TDM. From a Gold ranked Bootcamper, setting the highest of examples to fellow learners on the programme, to a Gold standard apprentice taking huge strides of development throughout his ICT level 3 course. Yevhen is often a "go-to" when I, as a coach, want to demo what a fantastic EPortfolio report looks like. He is a highly valued member of the team, able to now work independently on the frontline ticketing system at work. His Mentor, Tony, recently explained that while Yevhen was on annual leave, they were lost without him and grateful for his return. A true sign of a highly effective employee! Well done Yevhen."

Congratulations Yevhen!

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