8 Feb

Tech & Digital Apprentices Help Councils Thrive

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Jessica Dallard

Local authorities are responsible for the provision of all local government services within a geographical location.There are many challenges facing Local Authorities and a need to rapidly respond to changes on many different levels and within many different departments. COVID-19 has only accelerated the need to address these challenges, with tech & digital skills gaps taking centre stage within organisations, reskilling a current member of staff or bringing in a new recruit both through an apprenticeship opportunity could be the solution. In order to showcase the value apprenticeships have and are adding to Local Authorities, we wanted to introduce two companies who are currently engaging with apprenticeships.

Worcestershire County Council

"Worcestershire County Council is highly supportive of apprenticeships."

"Our Apprenticeship Strategy has generated lots of positive energy and interest, resulting in a range of apprenticeship opportunities within the Council and Worcestershire Children First. We have a healthy mix of newly recruited, and existing staff enrolled on to an apprenticeship. The Council is able to deliver a number of apprenticeships ourselves, and has developed healthy partnerships with external apprenticeship training providers."

"Once such training provider is TDM; a local training provider that continues to support a number of Council employees currently working through their apprenticeship programmes."  

"Apprenticeships are a critical component in developing and maintaining services and the work we do within the Council. Apprenticeships offer a wide range of opportunities and are used to encourage young people, those who may be considering a career change or who have not considered working in local government,  to work for us."  

"The benefits of employing apprentices are numerous. Apprentices bring with them new ideas,  innovation, creativity, high energy, courage and enthusiasm for learning. All of these attributes are keenly welcomed into any business. Apprenticeships also contribute to boosting the local economy, filling our 'hard to fill vacancies' or where there is an identified skills gap, help us optimise our training budget and make efficiencies in recruitment costs."  

Wychavon and Malvern Hills District Council

"Wychavon and Malvern Hills District Councils have been employing apprentices for a number of years as they add outstanding value to our organisations.""Many of our apprentices go on to secure permanent roles within the Councils and for many their apprenticeship has just been the start of a great career in Local Government." "We support and guide our apprentices to encourage them to take part in additional learning and development alongside their qualification recognising that some of them could be future Local Government leaders!"

Dudley Metropolitan

Borough Council  

"As well as the many benefits apprenticeships bring to individuals such as upskilling and career development, there are many benefits to the Council including a multi-skilled workforce."

"Apprenticeships enable us to “grow our own” and develop career pathways for our staff."

"As we look to the future, particularly post Covid 19, there will be an even greater need for an adaptable and resilient workforce with future ready skills such as those provided through digital and technological apprenticeship programmes which will benefit our business, our customers and people living in Dudley Borough."

If you are, or work for, a Local Authority and are looking to improve communication, create efficiencies, improve inclusivity, save money and help drive the local and national economy, get in touch for a no-obligation phone call. If you need a range of different people, of different ages and from different backgrounds to provide updated services and ensure you are tech & digitally secure, an apprenticeship could be your solution!Email: enquiries@tdm.co.ukCall: 0333 101 00 52Visit: https://thedevelopmentmanager.com/

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