3 Nov

International Stress Awareness Week 2021

Written by:

Jessica Dallard

International Stress Awareness Week runs from 1st - 5th November and was created in 2018 in order to specifically raise awareness for stress and stress prevention. The awareness exists and has developed into a worldwide event, in order to campaign for stress acknowledgment and management and to provide ways of preventing and controlling stress as a whole.It is important for us to engage with this occasion in order to play our part in ending the outdated stigma associated with stress and it's effect on mental health issues.

How we proactively support our Apprentices to avoid undue stress

As a provider of career opportunities and education, we have a vital role to play when supporting our learners onto the next stage of their career. This jump can be highly stressful, overwhelming and a huge change for some people, which is why we work really hard to provide full support for each learner throughout their apprenticeship.

Professional Development Coaches & Workshops

Each of our learners who embark on their apprenticeship will be assigned a Professional Development coach. This is someone who can provide support with soft skills, time management, personal and professional issues and ways to effectively cope with any stress they may be under as a result, as well as providing the all important skills and knowledge they need to make them successful in their industry. The apprentice will check in with their coach on a routine basis, via video conferencing, phone calls, email or even face to face at our HQ if necessary. It's important that we have a separate, neutral and safe space for this to happen in.


We work with employers who offer a mentor to their apprentice in the workplace. This is someone who will work alongside the apprentice, provide professional support and assistance and will add to the growing support network that an apprentice has on programme to ensure their success.

Apprentice Wellbeing Forum

As part of our Virtual Learning Environment, each apprentice has access to TDMs Well being Forum. This is manned by one of our own Professional Development Coaches, who keeps the forum up to date and relevant with blogs, videos, articles, industry news, mental health advice and top tips of how to cope with stress and how to manage a successful work balance. This is another safe space and resource that our learners can refer to.All in all, we work hard to ensure that all of our learners feel able to reach out if things are becoming too much. Whether that is to one of their coaches, their mentor or to a TDM resource for advise. Stress is real and it can cause harm, it's important that we talk about it, normalise it and offer up solutions and support when required.

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