22 Jun

Skills Bootcamp to ICT Apprenticeship Case Study - Tanique (Langley Compass Group)

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Danni Simmonds

Tanique previously enrolled at University but decided that this wasn’t the right route for her. After making the decision to drop out of University, she signed up onto the Tech pathway of TDM’s Skills Bootcamps to help her to develop her skills in the Tech and Digital sector and deciding this was the area she wanted to start a career in.Upon completion of the Skills Bootcamps, Tanique progressed onto a TDM Level 3 Information Communications Technician Apprenticeship with West Bromwich based Langley Compass Group.Tanique has highlighted that it has been a journey of learning, growth, as well as further knowledge, and understanding. From when she first joined the Langley Compass Group business she is proud to know she has gained a magnitude of knowledge and new levels of understanding the systems that they use within the organisation.From the first day of her Skills Bootcamps, Tanique has shown a bubbly personality with positivity and a determination to succeed.Now that she has started as an apprentice this bubbly and positive attitude continues and she is continually seeking to build her knowledge, her mentor has also commented on this and is pleased with her progress so far.Tanique’s mentor Mark has highlighted the following;

‘Tanique has excelled with dealing with our customers enquiries over the phone and via email, she is very polite and have received positive reviews from many customers.In the short space of time she has been here she has attended multiple training courses both internally and carried out online with our software providers, she is comfortable logging and trouble shooting customers problems and queries.This leads her to action the appropriate fixes for our customers in a timely manner meeting our internal SLA’s and hitting our KPI’s, she also has the knowledge to amend and database or program request required.There product and customer knowledge has excelled where we would have expected it to be in the time she has been here, this has enabled us to deal with customer queries and demands much quicker and has increased productivity as a whole in the support department.’

Tanique is making an impact everyday at Langley!Interested in signing up onto a Skills Bootcamps? - https://thedevelopmentmanager.com/skills-bootcamps/ Want to find out more about how our Skills Bootcamps can support your organisational goals? - https://thedevelopmentmanager.com/skills-bootcamps-for-employers/

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