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Skills Bootcampers of the Month: April 2024

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It’s time to announce our Skills Bootcampers of the Month for April, Rose Waller, Kin Yi Chung, William Redrup and Kieran Large!

Each of our bootcamp coaches had the tough decision of selecting one of their learners for this month’s award, which is an opportunity to celebrate some of the fantastic bootcamp learners, looking for an opportunity on a Tech and Digital Apprenticeship. These learners have excelled on our Tech and Digital Skills Bootcamps, developing the required Technical and Professional skills to prepare themselves to move into a role in their chosen area.

Skills Bootcamper of the Month – Rose Waller

Rose was nominated by her coach, Sophie, who she has continued to impress on her bootcamp - going above and beyond what is asked of her.

In the nomination, Sophie noted how Rose has supported her peers by providing answers to their questions and assisting them in completing their ePortfolios. Rose herself has produced some outstanding ePortfolios, which Sophie will undoubtedly use as example templates for future learners as she has applied her knowledge and understanding, which is evident when reading through them. “Rose is a rare learner who possesses a good understanding and knowledge of multiple pathways, making her an excellent candidate for software development apprenticeships, as well as IT and digital marketing roles” Sophie concluded. “Moreover, she has been working incredibly hard on her LinkedIn profile, regularly posting to showcase what she has learned and how these skills are transferable to an apprenticeship.”

Rose has clear aspirations, stating:

“In 5 years time, I see myself as a junior software developer, who completed their software development apprenticeship. I will be involved in multiple development projects, putting forth my hard-work and skills to create high-quality code. I want to be someone who is fluent in Javascript, HTML and CSS, and can use and implement the different stages of the development lifecycle, and apply them within a professional setting. I also see myself having learned many other programs or coding languages which I would have found useful or recommended to me in the workplace. I want to have some projects of my own and have made my portfolio from scratch.”

“I chose to sign up for the Software Development Skills Bootcamp because I am passionate about software development but I recognise that I need some support in expanding my technical skills and growing my portfolio so that I am ready to step into the tech and digital industry. The Skills Bootcamp allows me to create my ePortfolio on their dedicated website and has opportunities for growth and network connections that I wouldn’t have found without the coaching I have received on the Bootcamp. Also, the Skills Bootcamp has given me the opportunity to achieve a CISCO certificate in JavaScript Essentials.”

On her development, Rose said: “I have learned to understand what my skill set is and how to utilise it for the workplace and for interviews. I have learned the basics of JavaScript and how to implement them into making a functioning website. I have enjoyed learning about HTML and CSS and how to make a professional-looking website. I have learned how easy it is to make errors in code, but I have also learned how to find those errors!”

“After completing my Skills Bootcamp, I will hopefully have interviews lined up with employers I have reached out to. I will continue to learn JavaScript and finish making my website functional.”

Rose is on our WMCA Bootcamp, and is looking for a Software Development, or maybe Digital Marketing, opportunity when she completes the programme.

Skills Bootcamper of the Month – Kin Yi Chung

Kin Yi was another of Sophie’s nominations, citing her exceptional interview skills and deep knowledge of Data, which she is eager to explore further. Kin Yi’s extensive practical experience and high educational achievements are matched by her active participation in group discussions and her autonomous approach to learning utilising her remarkable drive and consistent delivery of outstanding work to meet her goals. Sophie emphasized Kin Yi’s determination and her potential to be an invaluable team member, noting her meticulous work on ePortfolios and interview preparation. Kin Yi’s understanding of employer expectations and her proactive attitude in expanding her knowledge make her a standout apprentice candidate.

Kin Yi herself had this to say:

“My professional dreams are rooted in continuous learning and growth. In 5 years, I envision myself having honed my skills significantly and being highly proficient in advanced analytical techniques and tools, such as those I’ve learned from the Data Skills Bootcamp. I aim to be adaptable and flexible to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in data analytics. In addition to technical skills, I aim to have developed strong communication and leadership skills; I hope to make a significant impact in the organizations I work for, driving innovation, efficiency, and using data-driven approaches to solve business challenges. I am looking to move onto a Data Analyst Apprenticeship.”

Kin Yi continued, “Shifting from the field of finance to data meant I had a lack of technical skills which I sought to fill by signing onto a Data Skills Bootcamp with TDM. The split between skills and personal development meant not only was I equipped with new technical skills, I could also practically apply my knowledge to boost my employability; such as the creation of company-specific ePortfolios where I had the chance to showcase some of the work I completed with TDM.”

On her development, Kin Yi reflected, “During the Data Skills Bootcamp, I have learned the foundations and essentials of data analytics, such as the data lifecycle, as well as deepening my understanding of tools such as Excel and PowerBI. I have also developed intercommunication skills and believe I have been equipped with the tools to increase my employability.”

“My immediate goal after completing the Data Skills Bootcamp is to secure an entry-level position as a data analyst where I would have the opportunity to further develop the skills and knowledge I’ve gained.”

Skills Bootcamper of the Month – William Redrup

Sophie’s final nomination, William demonstrated his remarkable dedication and progress during the skills bootcamp. She notes, “His knowledge of Software Development has really flourished over the past 7 weeks,” highlighting his hard work and the significant strides he’s made. William’s practical experience and his active search for new challenges in the Tech and Digital sector further underscore his readiness for an apprenticeship.

In addition to his technical growth, William’s ability to build and nurture friendships with fellow learners stands out. Sophie notes this, saying, “it is really lovely to see how these friendships grow and how he can support his peers also in their journey.” His engagement in group discussions and continuous efforts to refine his practices demonstrate his commitment to both personal and communal development.

“In five years, I envision myself having completed an apprenticeship with distinction and secured a permanent full-time position within an esteemed company,” says William, “With each passing day, I aim to continually enhance my skills and knowledge, striving to become an invaluable asset to any organisation.”

Reflecting on his immediate goals post-bootcamp, William shares, “Upon completing the TDM bootcamp, my goal is to transition into a software development apprenticeship at either level 3 or 4.” His commitment to growth is evident as he expresses a willingness to explore various avenues in the tech industry, stating, “I’m open to considering alternative pathways such as data analysis, digital support technician, and ICT apprenticeships.”

William’s passion is the driving force behind his career choices. “I’ve always had a passion for anything tech-related, so I made the conscious decision to pursue a career in a field that truly interests me,” he explains. Describing The bootcamp as an “invaluable opportunity to jumpstart my career trajectory,” highlighting the importance of practical skills and knowledge in his professional development.

William reflects on his bootcamp experience, stating, “I’ve honed my skills in languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,” and emphasizes the value of teamwork, “collaborating with like-minded peers.” He believes that “this combination of technical learning and teamwork has…equipped me with essential soft skills crucial for success in the tech industry.”

Skills Bootcamper of the Month – Kieran Large

Kieran’s nomination for the award came from Alex, a testament to his exceptional dedication and effort throughout the Skills Bootcamp. He has not only met but exceeded expectations by pursuing additional learning independently. His perfect attendance record, active engagement, and timely submission of quality work are noteworthy, however what truly stands out is his commitment to continuous learning outside of the classroom, which shows his proactive approach and determination to excel in his field.

Kieran shares his aspirations and experiences with a clear vision for his future. He states, “In 5 years, I hope to be making a real difference to businesses as a fully qualified and skilled Software Developer.” His post-bootcamp plan is to advance into a “Software Development level 4 apprenticeship or an equivalent apprenticeship in front-end development.”

Discussing his motivation for joining the Skills Bootcamp, Kieran reveals a turning point in his life: “I felt as though I needed a change of career desperately,” and acknowledges that TDM provided him with “the guidance I sorely needed.” He has acquired the foundational skills necessary to get started in Software Development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and understands the importance of the Software Development Life cycle.

Kieran’s immediate goal reflects his dedication to lifelong learning: “My goal is to continue learning… the scope of what I can learn to make myself an expert developer is infinite. In reality, I’m just getting started.” This statement encapsulates his commitment to continuous improvement and his journey in the tech industry.

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