9 Aug

MyAPPetite Case Study & New Digital Support Engineer Apprenticeship Opportunity

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Jessica Dallard

With a growing support engineer team in place to support their rapidly growing business, we caught up with MyAPPetite's Operations Director, Jamie Turvey, to talk all about the company's journey and their recruitment for a new Digital Support Engineer Apprentice!Can you give us a brief overview of the company?

We are a fun, fast-growing business based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, that offers customers (predominantly within the hospitality industry) a complete ordering solution. This can be EPOS systems (tills), their own branded app, online / table ordering functionality, website design and social media management among other things. We’re a relatively small business, with 9 employees and around 100 customers.

Why are Apprenticeships important for MyAPPetite?

We’ve used Apprenticeships in the past as it’s perfect for us, as it allows us to ultimately mould our core values into employees, such as having a positive attitude and a desire to not only to take pride in their work but in themselves too, which we think is a great trait to have in any walk of life. It also ultimately benefits our business too as the apprentice can share their learnings with us on how we can improve as a company.

Tell us more about MyAPPetite's current Apprentice story

As a business we’re rapidly growing. We’ve built a good infrastructure to take us to the next level and are regularly getting new customers. This is why we are looking for a new Support Engineer to join our current two engineers.Our current apprentice is Edyta Atman, and is a real success story. Recruiting her was a dream; TDM really had their finger on the pulse and working with Jess and Beth was fantastic. They listened to our requirements and managed to find the perfect candidate in a short amount of time. So, I can’t speak highly enough of TDM and would highly recommend any business looking at hiring an apprentice to use them.Since starting (4 months ago) Edyta has not only grown in confidence but her understanding of the job requirements has been second to none. We have now implemented a bonus scheme for her, increased her hourly wage and put a career progression plan in place so she knows exactly where she needs to get to.

MyAPPetite's next Apprentice hire – why should someone apply for this current opportunity?

We’re looking to hire another Support Engineer due to company growth. They will join 2 other Support Engineers, who have both been through an apprenticeship scheme, so whoever will join us, will join a team that understands the journey they are about to undertake.Generally, as a business we understand to let the employee grow into their role, we have to put the effort in too, so they will be fully supported with internal training as well as their apprenticeship training.

Company benefits – why is it good to work at MyAppetite?

We strive as a company to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere. We want employees to understand that while there’s a job to be done we want you to enjoy coming to work.All our employees are welcoming and work as a team to fulfil our customers’ requirements. We have monthly quizzes with prizes, meals out once a month and have employee appreciation days out too.

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in MyAPPetite's Digital Support Engineer Apprenticeship vacancy, why not read more and apply direct here today!Or get in touch at - enquiries@tdm.co.uk

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