4 Jan

2022, It's Time to Power On! How can we help Jumpstart your Career?

Written by:

Jessica Dallard

The arrival of 2022 has not been without stress, anxiety and further complications, but a new year can still mean new opportunities, new prospects and potentially a new career! Derrin Kent, TDM’s MD & Director of Studies said:

“I do think it is time for people to power on, now.”"We need digital experts for the digital industries, not only for Digital Sector employers, but also for all employers. Digital skills are the golden thread across all employer organisations.”“You should use this time valuably as an employer, apprentice or digital retainer. Power on – start improving your skills right now!”

Where are we at?

We have lived in a heightened digital age for some time now, but our current situation has meant pressing down firmly on that accelerator, catapulting us all into a tech and digitally dependant world. To now thrive and succeed on a global stage, the UK needs to both develop tech and digital skills and, equally importantly, to address our workforce productivity gap.So, how has it effected your world? Is your company changing? Are you feeling the need to upskill yourself and ‘level up’ your tech and digital skills to keep succeeding? Are you unemployed and looking for a new challenge in 2022? Then it’s time to Power On.

How can we help?

Recognise regional requirements, the region needs tech and digitally skilled people and the tech and digital sector needs you!Whether employed or unemployed, start and further your tech and digital career through an apprenticeship route, whilst developing practical skills which benefit the UK and its regions. TDM can help by coaching and training you through a continuously renegotiated work-based learning plan (featuring a systematic coaching and training process which incorporates short courses and virtual learning). We coach and train employees to achieve and exceed industry led standards and thrive within that industry via an apprenticeship. We also provide full employability support to ensure you feel confident, prepared and ready for your interview and, ultimately, your career.Level 2 and Level 3 Training Courses available:Three Counties Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme (Levels 2 & 3) - Fully funded Tech & Digital Training Programme for Individuals to achieve City & Guilds Diploma and support into an apprenticeship.👉 more information👉 register your interest West Midlands Combined Authority Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme - Fully funded Tech & Digital Training Programme for Individuals to achieve City & Guilds Diploma and support into an apprenticeship.👉 more information👉 register your interestApprenticeship Routes available:

  • Digital Marketer Level 3
  • Information Communications Technician Level 3
  • Digital Support Technician Level 3
  • Data Technician Level 3
  • Software Developer Level 4

Degree Apprenticeship progression routes available

  • Digital & Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship Level 6
  • Digital Marketer Degree Apprenticeship Level 6

If you would be interested in joining a programme or finding out more information, please email enquiries@tdm.co.uk or call 0333 100 100 40 today.

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