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Skills Bootcamps - Our Journey's

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Jessica Dallard

This year we have launched our Skills Bootcamps - part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life, and to support someone to take their first steps into the Tech & Digital industry, via the Apprenticeship route. The Skills Bootcamps are short coaching programmes, available to those aged 19 and upwards and living in the West Midlands region. The programme exposes learners to Tech training in Tech, Networking & Cyber Security, Digital Marketing and Coding, lasting up to 16 weeks and allowing learners to achieve Tech and Digital Certifications from the likes of Microsoft, Google and ITS.These factors have meant that TDM now have a pool of ready to go recruits who are approaching their Skills Bootcamp completion and are looking for an opportunity to interview with a local employer, with the hope to move onto an employed apprenticeship position in Tech & Digital. Whilst on programme, these learners have been allocated TDM Performance Development Coaches who develop professional workplace skills, and have also been trained by Industry Expert Skills and Knowledge Coaches, in order to create the highest calibre of applicants for organisations moving forward. These learners are now at a high performance, skillset and engagement level and are trained, ready to go and apprenticeship ready.Skills Bootcamps are being delivered to address the Tech Talent shortage in the UK, as reported in a recent FE News article from TDM’s Managing Director and Director of Studies, Derrin Kent.

“Skills Bootcamps will act as an important stepping stone for current employees looking to catch up with digitised products and processes and, in turn, will lead to an uptick in productivity for businesses, a more secure future for SMEs, and a stronger digital economy all together.”

In addition to recruits, Skills Bootcamps are also available to reskillers, allowing the already employed to upskill in their current role, taking on additional accountability at work for their employer in Tech, Digital or Coding. Find out what Digital Transformation means to you and your organisation and utilise your talented team members to make full use of those areas and the opportunities within them. For example, adopt digital marketing, move from spreadsheets to databases or software solutions, or look at automating your repetitive data entry. Critical to the adoption of new technologies is having employees with the skills to effectively use them!As an example of the impact Skills Bootcamps are already having on learners and employers, TDM caught up with a handful of completed learners who have now moved onto a fulltime position in their chosen field.

Meet Joshua👋

"My Skills Bootcamp allowed me to develop my technical and employability skills which, in turn, enabled me to gain a full-time position at Meta Eagle as an Apprentice.I enjoyed the coaching sessions as it gave me the opportunity to reflect on the courses I had completed, they also gave me an opportunity to identify any areas where I needed to improve.The Skills Bootcamp also helped prepare me for my Apprenticeship. The exposure I had, helped me to gain knowledge which put me ahead in some of the courses I must complete for my ApprenticeshipI would recommend Tech & Digital Skills Bootcamps to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and progress in their chosen field."

Meet George👋

"I really enjoyed the Skills Bootcamp experience, mainly because the aim was to get an Apprenticeship, and using the programme enabled me to be actively working towards that goal.

I was able to move onto the Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship as this is my passion and I wanted to expand my knowledge in the area and develop it into a career for myself.

I believe the Skills Bootcamp has helped me in securing the role I am currently in and I would 100% recommend the programme to somebody else!

TDM have been helpful and using the Skills Bootcamp keeps you active while on the search for an Apprenticeship."

Meet Shah👋

"The overall experience was great, my coach gave me lots of advice on my interview preparations and support on my Software Development training.I chose the Software Development pathway because I am very passionate about programming and delivering solutions to users, which lead to my pursuit of a career in the industry.I am now a Junior Application Developer and IT Support Analyst for a Care companyI would advise anyone considering enrolling on the Skills Bootcamps to listen to the instructors and mentors. Always research the profession you want to take and the skills you need to break to into the industry."

Meet Erofili👋

"My goal was to find a suitable apprenticeship and enter the Technology Industry, preferably as a Software Developer. The Skills Bootcamp enabled me to learn more about my chosen field and have support along the way.I attended several interviews while I was enrolled on the bootcamp. They gave me confidence because I had the opportunity to talk about what I was learning and what I was interested in as a potential apprentice.Since starting the bootcamp, I am now an Application Analyst Apprentice, on my Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship.When you’ve committed to complete a bootcamp like this, it’s a constant reminder that you’re on the right path."

We also met with some of our employers who are using the Skills Bootcamps as part of their recruitment and retention strategies.

Meet Jacob - Director, Infinity Digital👋

"The integration has been really easy as there was a lot covered before the Apprenticeship began, which gave Hal a good head start!The Skills Bootcamp covered some of the core areas of Digital Marketing which helped us to prepare for briefing Hal on client work.It's only been 4 weeks but we're already seeing growth in Hal and we're really happy about his progress. I have also recommended the Skills Bootcamp opportunity to other candidates who we are interviewing at the moment.I do a lot of networking so the Skills Bootcamps will definitely become a topic of conversation going forward!"

Meet Lee - Director, Meta Eagle👋

"The process of onboarding a Skills Bootcamp learner was quick and easy. The TDM team, as usual, were always on hand to help with any questions.Any exposure to industry skills is important for learners looking to break into industry, the Skills Bootcamps open the doorway for this and helps learners to understand the workplace.I would 100% recommend the Skills Bootcamps to other organisations or to other people within the organisation, it's a great experience!"

Visit our website or email enquiries@tdm.co.uk to find out more about our Skills Bootcamps, whether for yourself or a member of your team, and how to develop the skills in your people to drive digital transformation.

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