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Apprentice of the Month - August 2023

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Danni Simmonds

Our Apprentice of the Month Award is an opportunity for the spotlight to shine on one of our current apprentices who has worked hard, accomplished, applied themselves or has achieved something fantastic whilst on programme. This is an opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and their value, not only for the learner but also for the employer and the business they work within. In order to be awarded Apprentice of the Month, learners can be nominated by their TDM coach, other TDM members of staff who have come into contact with the apprentice and also from their mentor, employer or colleagues they work along side.

Apprentice of the Month – August

Our Apprentice of the Month Award for August goes to Jamie Bunce, Information Communications Technician Level 3 Apprentice at the Royal National College For The Blind. Jamie's nomination came from his coaches, Neil and Sarah. Sarah shares:

There are some challenges to the role that other apprentices may not encounter. For example, when we encourage development of the professional attitudes and behaviours through the apprenticeship program, communication is always considered as a core skill that will enable learners throughout their entire career pathway. For Jamie, communication is concerned with more than the different conversation styles, or generic channels.. Jamie works alongside people who are not able to read body language, facial expressions, motion, or other visual tools, so he has needed to develop his communication methods accordingly, to work with the visually impaired. It is also important to consider that the students at the college all have individual needs, with differing visual disabilities, so Jamie has needed to learn how to adapt to their different needs in order to communicate effectively and ethically in terms of diversity.

Jamie has been on the ICT3 program for only 4 months, and has successfully completed his first project to a strong standard. He is always engaged during workshops and courses, and puts a great amount of effort into both the apprenticeship, and his role.

Jamie's mentor, Andy, has commended Jamie on fitting in really well with the team, and learning tasks within the role so quickly, he has confidence in Jamie to complete tasks autonomously and to a good standard. He says that the only problem is that Jamie likes to tidy up far too much, and keep his desk far too clean - he's showing up the rest of the team!

Well done Jamie!

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