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To round off National Apprenticeship 2021, we want to give the final word to our fantastic employers who are currently engaging with and investing in apprenticeships right now. Skills development is critical for business growth and allows organisations to recruit, retrain and retain staff. This mindset paves the way for increased capacity and capability in their teams, whilst retraining helps staff to feel valued, invested in and allows them to set new goals to reach for. Apprenticeships also add immense value to companies, such as improving service to customers, being more effective at winning new business in new markets, leveraging internal efficiencies within support functions, establishing and securing competitive advantage and keeping your finger on the pulse through effective collection and analysis of data.

Meet the employers!

Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership

“Apprenticeships offer a pathway that allows young people to learn academically and experience working life, all whilst being paid."

“Here at the Worcestershire LEP we incorporate apprentices as part of future succession planning and other businesses can also benefit from Apprentices, implementing them within the business to create their future workforce.”

Worcestershire County Council

"Worcestershire County Council is highly supportive of apprenticeships."

"Our Apprenticeship Strategy has generated lots of positive energy and interest, resulting in a range of apprenticeship opportunities within the Council and Worcestershire Children First."

"We have a healthy mix of newly recruited, and existing staff enrolled on to an apprenticeship. The Council is able to deliver a number of apprenticeships ourselves, and has developed healthy partnerships with external apprenticeship training providers."

"One such training provider is TDM; a local training provider that continues to support a number of Council employees currently working through their apprenticeship programmes."

The DM Lab

“In 2018, we took a huge step with the development and growth of the business and through TDM."

"We took on an apprentice whose journey has seen him progress to a fully-fledged member of our team as well as an asset to The DM Lab."

"Fast forward two years, we now have two apprentices! We are proud to be retaining local talent while still furthering our apprentices’ education and creating their own future!"

Malvern & Wychavon Council

"Wychavon and Malvern Hills District Councils have been employing apprentices for a number of years as they add outstanding value to our organisations."

"Many of our apprentices go on to secure permanent roles within the Councils and for many their apprenticeship has just been the start of a great career in Local Government."

"We support and guide our apprentices to encourage them to take part in additional learning and development alongside their qualification recognising that some of them could be

future Local Government leaders!"

Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

"We are very proud to be able to play an important part in the development and training of our future workforce and are pleased to say that many apprentices over the years have remained and progressed into senior roles within our organisation, becoming highly valued and respected members of our team."

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

"As well as the many benefits apprenticeships bring to individuals such as upskilling and career development, there are many benefits to the Council including a multi-skilled workforce.

"Apprenticeships enable us to “grow our own” and develop career pathways for our staff."

"As we look to the future, particularly post Covid 19, there will be an even greater need for an adaptable and resilient workforce with future ready skills such as those provided through digital and technological apprenticeship programmes which will benefit our business, our customers and people living in Dudley Borough."

Dolphin Computer Access Ltd.

"At Dolphin we're dedicated to developing talent and apprenticeships have helped employees across our organisation develop the specific skills needed in our business whilst

also working towards industry recognised qualifications."

"Being able to tailor the work-based training programmes to the job roles in our field of assistive technology has helped us recruit and upskill employees to quickly meet the specific needs of our business and it’s a huge help that the formal training, qualifications and assessments are all handled by a training provider."

"Apprenticeships provide an excellent platform for our employees to develop skills and progress within Dolphin."

Citrus Computing Ltd.

"I’ve found our apprentice to be invaluable to my day to day working allowing me to finally look into more products to sell rather than solely dealing with support."

"All in all, he has become a valuable member of the team and worth every second of time training him up."

"I see him being part of our team for many years to come."

If you are a business considering a longer-term solution to your skills gap, who wants to drive the local and national economy and to work with an Apprenticeship Provider who is completely employer responsive from start to finish of a programme, then request a call to discuss your business needs today.Call: 0333 10 100 40email: enquiries@tdm.co.ukVisit TDM’s website – https://thedevelopmentmanager.com/

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