8 Aug

Skills Bootcamp to Software Development Apprenticeship Case Study - Jesse

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Danni Simmonds

Jesse initially found TDM through a vacancy we were promoting, in which he applied for, though unfortunately, was unsuccessful for the role. But he didn't let this deter him! Instead, he decided to participate in the Developer pathway on TDM’s Skills Bootcamps from October to January of this year. Early into his bootcamp, he identified ImagePlus, a local web development company based in Coventry as a company he would like to work for. He completed certifications in HTML and JavaScript to maximise his employability (specifically) for the role of software development apprentice.After participating in two interviews and taking on a challenging project that he worked on during his evenings (he was working morning and afternoon shifts at the time), he secured the Image+ Apprenticeship as a Software Developer Level 4 Apprentice.Speaking with Jesse, he highlighted that he’s learned so much in this short time, from MJML to PHP, WordPress to UnoCSS (and he is still learning a lot). He mentions that he has found being an apprentice has been an incredibly rewarding experience as he’s been able to pursue his passion and develop his skills, all while being supported by a great team of professionals.In the few months Jesse has been in his Apprenticeship so far he has quickly picked up new skills and techniques and is always eager to learn and develop as a web developer.Jesse continues to demonstrate an outstanding attitude to his professional development as well a desire to build upon his performance. For example, just two months into his SD4 apprenticeship, he has already completed almost double the amount of off the job learning hours required.Jesse’s employer has highlighted the following;

Joining an established team of designers and developers as a young Apprentice can be a daunting prospect. Jesse however has not been phased by this challenge. He is already proving to be a great addition to our business.His positive and engaging attitude has helped him to quickly integrate into our team. What's most impressive about Jesse is how quickly he has picked up new skills and techniques, always eager to learn and develop as a web developer.He is clearly dedicated to his apprenticeship and is determined to grasp the opportunity we are giving him. We're delighted to have Jesse on our team and look forward to helping him grow and develop into a great web developer.

Jesse continues to demonstrate an outstanding attitude to his professional development as well a desire to build upon his performance.Interested in signing up onto a Skills Bootcamps? - https://thedevelopmentmanager.com/skills-bootcamps/ Want to find out more about how our Skills Bootcamps can support your business goals? - https://thedevelopmentmanager.com/skills-bootcamps-for-employers/

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