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Skills Bootcamper of the Month - June 2024

It’s time to announce our Skills Bootcampers of the Month for June — Jonathan Lam and Layla Murphy Plant! Skills Bootcamps are free, flexible 12 week programmes to support adults into new Tech and Digital roles – either an Apprenticeship in a new organisation, taking on a new role or more responsibilities or to help the self-employed grow their business. Participants are assigned outstanding TDM Coaches who provide coaching and training support, with an Individualised Learning Plan to secure a new Tech and Digital role, for example helping to develop employability skills with interview practice, CV feedback, how to approach employers and the construction of a Showcase e-Portfolio. Every month, our bootcamp coaches select one of their learners to nominate for "Skills Bootcamper of the Month". This is an opportunity to celebrate some of the fantastic Bootcamp learners, who are ready and looking to start on a Tech and Digital Apprenticeship. These learners have excelled on our Bootcamps, for their drive, vulnerability and resilience.

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Skills Bootcamper of the Month: Jonathan Lam

Jonathan has been completing a Skills Bootcamp on the Tech and Cyber pathway. He was nominated by his coach, Sophie, who noted:

"Jonathan’s attitude to learning and striving for a high GWC has been apparent throughout his time during his skills bootcamp. He is eager to succeed and is always asking insightful questions during his sessions. His knowledge and interest around IT massively excels and he often has insightful conversations around his knowledge applications".

Sophie highlighted his "exceptional" e-portfolio, which was put together in a very short space of time, but was still composed to the "best of his ability". She commends his "outstanding" video pitch, something he did not initially feel comfortable doing, but still "exceeded expectation "producing, creating "an amazing, eye catching video to send to employers when looking for roles". She concludes saying "This will definitely be used as a template for future learners of what a good video looks like".

Jonathan eloquently wrote about why he chose to select a Skills Bootcamp: "After being made redundant from my previous role, I had difficulty with landing a new entry-level job in the Life-Science field. After hundreds of job applications and only a handful of unsuccessful interviews, I noticed that experience was valued significantly more than education. The problem being, the Catch-22, that you need a job to gain experience and you need experience to get a job. After investing the majority of my time applying for jobs, I decided to cut my losses and instead invest my time into developing marketable skills in a field that I find interesting and engaging.

After being made aware of TDM (via the National Careers Service) their Funded Skills Bootcamps looked highly appealing to me, given their structured learning environment would provide a guided pathway to guaranteed Apprenticeship interview. In addition, although my existing hobbies and interests related to IT didn't have much application in the Life-Sciences, I thought it would be a great way to funnel and develop my interests in Tech &Cyber in a way that could help others in an official capacity".

After completing his Bootcamp, Jonathan is looking for an ICT Level 3 Apprenticeship. In five years Jonathan aims to have "fully completed" his IT Support Technician Apprenticeship with TDM and is also hoping to retain a "permanent role" in a company, to practice and master the skills he has been taught.

Skills Bootcamper of the Month: Layla Murphy-Plant

Layla has been completing a Skills Bootcamp on the Data pathway. She was also nominated by Sophie for being:

"...a high-quality learner which was recognised during her applicant day, even before she started her 12-week Skills Bootcamp. This has continued as she has progressed throughout her weeks on the programme. Layla is a truly dedicated learner, consistently exceeding her targets and my expectations of her. You can see her passion for both her GROW and Knowledge coaching shine through as she records this down in her ePortfolios".

Sophie highlighted Layla's collaboration with her during sessions, exceeding the "traditional coach/learner dynamic" and also supporting her peers during sessions, particularly "around e-Portofolio creation" or "where to find helpful IAG around apprenticeships". Sophie notes Layla comes to these sessions "ready for discussion around what she has been working towards, again informing me rather than me steering this conversation". Finally, Sophie commends Layla for taking "control of her learning in such a positive way".

Of her reasons to embark on a Skills Bootcamp, Layla writes: "I was looking to gain knowledge and skills in an area I am very interested in. The Bootcamp is the perfect entry into a field where I can benefit from the mentorship and expertise of the staff at TDM. TDM’s core values very much resonate with my own so I was excited to start this course. I am pleased to report I have not been disappointed"!

Whilst on her Skills Bootcamp, Layla developed her soft skills in her GROW sessions, such as improving her LinkedIn profile, CV writing and interview techniques. Her skills sessions were tailored to suit her individual needs in Data, and she notes that she now has "a far more in-depth knowledge of Excel". Layla is "looking forward to learning more about data visualisations such as PowerBI".

After completing her Bootcamp, Layla is hoping to secure an apprenticeship at TDM. In five years time, she sees herself "having completed" her "data apprenticeship" and securing "a permanent position in the field of data".

If you’re an employer in the Midlands looking to hire, why not get in touch? You can reach us at enquiries@tdm.co.uk or, alternatively, utilise the contact form on our website –https://www.thedevelopmentmanager.co.uk/contact

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