30 Jul

Apprenticeships Continue to Thrive

Written by:

Jessica Dallard

It was no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic effect on Apprenticeships. However, with many employers now planning to resume recruitment as soon as possible, we are already seeing apprenticeships as a key part of our economic revival. So many of the fantastic employers that we work, alongside many new employers, are looking to bring new apprentices into the company, hit the ground running and plug some of those digital and technical gaps that COVID may have exposed.

Apprenticeships are still available

Apprenticeship opportunities are STILL here and a re not going anywhere! If you are a company looking to potential recruit an apprentice, you absolutely can (and it would be a great decision to make!). If you are already employed and you want to upskill / reskill into a new area of the business, you also absolutely can. This would also be a great and simple way to help your company grow and develop another are of the business, without having to bring in someone new.If you are unemployed, a school or collage leaver / graduate and considering an apprenticeship as your next career step, guess what? You can!

Our Apprenticeship Vacancies

Take a look at some of the live vacancies that we are currently advertising on behalf of our employers:TDM Vacancies 2021.

New Apprenticeship starts this week ­čÄë

This week alone we supported three new apprentices into their new Tech and Digital roles!For us, this is what it is all about.

Jacob started his new role as an apprentice Digital Marketer with the fantastic Speak-iT Solutions LTD.

"I have loved my first week at Speak-IT Solutions and am very excited to further develop my knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing.""I have found it to be an excellent balance between both the digital graphic design area of the job and the marketing web sector.""I have been extremely engaged in a variety of tasks this first week ranging from updating company imagery on the website to updating listings and learning HTML for the back-end of the site.""Overall, I am looking forward to the next year of my apprenticeship with Speak-IT solutions and hopefully many more years to come after that."

Joshua has star

ted his new role as an #apprentice Infrastructure Technician with the awesome QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright.

"The first week of my IT apprenticeship started on Monday and I have been enjoying it so far at QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright.""I look forward to continued work and training from the Parkinson Wright IT team and TDM."

Get in touch today - enquiries@tdm.co.uk

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