19 May

TDM Ofsted Report 2022 - A Note From Our Directors

Written by:

Jessica Dallard

On 1st March 2022 we welcomed Ofsted to look at TDM's provision on our first ever full Ofsted Inspection. It is now with great pride that we can reveal that TDM are officially Ofsted graded Outstanding in:

  • Quality of Education
  • Apprenticeships (including Degree Apprenticeships)
  • Adult Learning Programmes

With an overall Good rating.

Derrin Kent

TDM Managing Director and Director of Studies

I only got 10 minutes of the inspectors' time to explain how brilliant we are! Grrr! But, hey, in the end, they worked out just how brilliant we are for themselves."

Ofsted did not want to listen to myself and my colleagues' own proclamations as to how amazing our work is. Instead, a team of 7 inspectors conducted deep dive interviews - across four days - with over 80% of our employers and over 80% of our learners.

Based on these deep dive interviews and on a concurrent, independent deep dive investigation into our delivery systems and content, the inspectors concluded that our Quality of Education is outstanding: both Apprenticeships and Adult Learning. This was because each learner and employer felt, understood and celebrated the IMPACT, INTENT and the IMPLEMENTATION of our learning delivery approach.

The degree-level inspectors said that our outstanding Degree Apprenticeships were "one of the best Degree Apprenticeships delivery they had seen in a long time - a model for other Degree Apprenticeship providers to follow".

The other aspects of our provision were judged by Ofsted to be Good - which is not yet good enough for us.

Watch this space because over the coming months you will find that we also begin to stand out from other providers in terms of our:

  • Educational leadership and management.  We are busily developing and focussing a management team who are becoming increasingly effective at reporting and improving  "Distance Travelled" data to our Board of Governors.
  • Personal development and behaviours and attitudes - TDM now understand that the outstanding quality of our technical education is not enough for the Department of Education to judge us as an outstanding provider overall. They will judge us to be outstanding overall when we become an educational institution with broader educational skills rather than simply the professional / vocational skills development which we obsess over. To be Overall outstanding, TDM now need to more effectively develop the whole person, in life as well as at work.

Elizabeth Hoyos

TDM Managing Director and Operations Director

On 1st March 2022 we welcomed Ofsted to look at TDM's provision on our first ever full Ofsted Inspection.

We were really excited to showcase our apprenticeship and adult education programmes through the testimony of employers, apprentices and adult learners and through showcasing what we do. Ofsted deep dived in all aspects of our provision guided by the Education Inspection Framework and had a look at the impact created by our curriculum Intent of "Genuinely work based learning, underpinned by academic rigour"

We want to celebrate that Ofsted saw the positive impact our programmes are creating in the regions we operate in, for employers, apprentices  and all learners.The report is out now for the world to see: Ofsted said TDM is an overall Good provider with:

Quality of Education - Outstanding

Apprenticeships - Outstanding

Adult Education - Outstanding

Thank you TDM team, to our employers, apprentices and adult learners, it is thanks to your care and dedication that this has been possible.

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