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Skills Bootcampers of the Month: March 2024

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James Bell

It’s finally time to announce our 2 Skills Bootcampers of the Month for March, Maia Young and Joel Sykes!

Each of our bootcamp coaches had the tough decision of selecting one of their learners for this month’s award, which is an opportunity to celebrate some of the fantastic bootcamp learners, looking for a career starting opportunity on a Tech and Digital Apprenticeship. These learners have excelled on our Tech and Digital Skills Bootcamps, developing the required Technical and Professional skills to prepare themselves to move into a role in their chosen area.

Worcestershire Skills Bootcamper of the Month - Maia Young

Maia was nominated by her coach, Alex, for the way she has applied herself to the Skills Bootcamp –consistently achieving her objectives as well as supporting her peers within GROW coaching sessions. Specifically, she has recently been able to carry out some peer-to-peer learning where she coached a fellow learner on how to create a technical competencies skills board. She has also created a brilliant portfolio and even a video of her showcasing her skills in both Software Development and utilising Digital Tools.

When asked about her experience on the Skills Bootcamp, Maia had this to say:

After hearing about the skills bootcamp I knew it would be a perfect fit for me, the blend of flipped classroom and independent working with the freedom to apply the skills learnt to my own personal project - allowing me creative freedom and the ability to make the project unique - really drew me in.

On the academic side I’ve learned the basics of HTML, JavaScript and CSS as well as the basis for software design and testing framework whilst on the professional skill side I have learned the importance of creating a professional portfolio that shows my personality, creativity and interpersonal skills as well as showcasing my academic knowledge.

Maia would ideally love to go onto a Software Developer Level 4 Apprenticeship with a Worcestershire company but is also skilled and interested in many aspects of Digital Marketing.

WMCA Skills Bootcamper of the Month - Joel Sykes

Joel’s coach, Sophie, nominated him for this award as recognition of excellent progress so far on his skills bootcamp. Joel showed an eagerness to learn and has impressed with the quality of his portfolio, where he has showcased his passions for data and apprenticeships. Sophie noted: ‘Joel is the perfect learner who will want to learn it all to accelerate himself into to tech and digital field. Sometimes, because we are an online training provider I think it is hard to foster friendships and support peers during the session. However, Joel has also shown to us that he is more than happy to support his fellow learners during sessions and lend a helping hand.’

Joel Himself said: I enrolled in the skills bootcamp because it provides a clear and structured pathway for gaining new skills, with the ultimate goal of building a portfolio and reaching out to potential employers.

What have you learnt whilst completing the Skills Bootcamp? On the data side, I have learnt more in depth about using data-oriented tools like Excel, PowerBI and Python. Additionally, I have learnt how to source data securely and format it for clear presentation. The coaching side has taught me what the ideal approach is when marketing yourself and building a portfolio for employers.

Joel aspires to be a Data Apprentice and part of a skilled and driven team - having completed our WMCA bootcamp, he’s looking for role in the Birmingham area on which to achieve this goal.

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Two brilliant candidates, both looking to start their careers in Tech and Digital – if you’re an employer in the Midlands looking to hire a Software Developer or Data Technician, why not get in touch? You can reach us at enquiries@tdm.co.uk or, alternatively, utilise the contact form on our website – thedevelopmentmanager.co.uk

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